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St Columban's Primary School Enniskillen

Exploring position, movement and direction in P4/5

8th Mar 2018

This week, primary 4 and 5 had many active learning experiences in numeracy as they explored position, direction and movement in the real world. The pupils look at grid references and how they are used for navigation of boats and airplanes. They also looked at the 4 point and 8 point compass which helps when giving directions to locations. The pupils did lots of independent and group activities in the hall using maps and giving directions. They braved the wet weather to look for right angles in the playground equipment. After searching and hunting for equipment, the pupils came to the conclusion that right angles are all around us and in many items that we use on a daily basis such as tables, chairs, climbing frames, picnic benches etc. The right angle monster was a great tool to help check for right angles. The pupils had a mathematical challenge using resources from the natural environment in particular-sticks. In groups, the pupils had to create a shape - regular or irregular, that had the most number of right angles. The winning team created a ladder shape with 28 right angles!! What a result!! Lots of engaging experiences which encouraged lots of mathematical learning.